BCM Program Management

GMH will assist clients to develop the organization-wide BCM program management 7_Program-Managementframework and policies. This will include the development of the following:

Awareness and Training Programs
For any organization, staff need to be aware of overall BCM framework, the key purposes of the BCM activities and the BC plan and related procedures, and the general roles and responsibilities. New staff need to be made aware of BCM;  existing staff require on-going reinforcement. An awareness program should be developed and implemented as part of the organization-wide BCM program management.

Management and staff responsible for or tasked with the the execution of BCM activities and annual BCP projects, or assigned roles in the recovery, response and key support teams, will require annual training. The training program developed should identify the training needs for each of the key roles; appropriate training requirements should be designed and developed. This should enable the team members to receive relevant training that will progressively improve their capabilities and competencies, by imparting knowledge and skills appropriate to their level of BC experience.

Change Management Program
A change management process need to be implemented to ensure the organizational-wide BCM preparedness is sustainable, and progressively strengthened. This process should enable the organization to comply with the BCM policies approved by the Executive Management. The BCM policy itself should also be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure the BCM program will comply with corporate objectives, local and international regulatory and legislative requirements, if applicable. The BC plan need to be reviewed to ensure that it remains effective. This essentially requires the organization to carry out annual BCP projects; which will take the organization through the previous phases.

BCM Assurance Program
BCM assurance is another pertinent component of the organization-wide BCM program. The main objective of the assurance program is to provide the Executive Management, Board of Directors, investors and shareholders with an objective evaluation of the organization’s BCM preparedness; ensuring that BCM policies, processes, people and the infrastructure are current and compliant to corporate objectives, regulatory and legislative requirements. The assurance program typically involves an annual audit and assessment of the BCM program and activities, together with BC plan and other related processes and documents.

We can also implement the BCM program, or part of the program components for our clients. For example, we could conduct a comprehensive BCM assurance exercise. The client’s BCM processes and documents will be audited and assessed. We will prepare and present to management a report; which will indicate the gaps in the plan, processes and procedures, and include a set of recommendations to resolve the key issues identified.

Organizations intending to be SS540 and/or BS25999 certified will also benefit from GMH’s BCM assurance services. Our consultants are conversant with these and other internationally reputable standards. They will guide and prepare the organization for the certification audits. A mock certification audit may be conducted, should a client require it.