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Risk Assessment or Business Impact Analysis: What Comes First?

What Comes First? RA or BIA Over the past few years, I have…

Business continuity management implementation for small and medium-sized enterprise

In this article Dr. Goh Moh Heng and Jeremy Wong look at some…
WCC 2015 Singapore

Is Business Continuity Management one of the keys to Cybersecurity?

I had this conversation a decade ago, and I remarked that business…

Product Recall Preparedness – Key Considerations

As global supply chains evolve to become increasingly integrated,…
CAYLON Investment Bank

Major European Bank Case Study

Major European Bank This customer is a major European financial…
Simulation Exercise

Choices and Categories of Tests & Exercises

Abstract In testing and exercising the BC plans, the terminology…
Pandemic Flu Exercise

Pandemic Flu Business Continuity Planning for Organizations

“Many organizations read about the possible pandemic flu, but…
Sendai Field Trip Japan

Business Continuity Strategies for Manufacturing Companies

1. Introduction The considerations for Business Continuity Strategies…
Citibank IWE Exercise

Planning basics for a crisis management simulation

How prepared are your people and teams for the pressure of a…
Supply Chain Resiliency

Building Resiliency in the Supply Chain

In today's globalized world, multinational corporations expand…
Competency based training

Learning Roadmap to Sustain and Upgrade Your Organisational Business Continuity Management Competencies

In today’s workforce, employee engagement, and opportunities…
Singapore Standard SS540

BCM Implementation for Organizations using the Singapore Standard SS540:2008

Business Continuity aims to safeguard the interests of an organization…