Business Continuity Strategy

4_BC-StrategyEvery customer after having identified the key threats, risks, critical business functions, recovery time scales and related objectives, need to implement effective BC strategies to overcome the issues and meet the minimum business continuity objectives established by the business. By leveraging on GMH’s consultants, our customers will:

  • Identify recovery strategy solutions and requirements.
  • Determine business units, corporate-wide, IT, telecommunication recovery strategies
  • Develop cost benefit analysis for for selected strategy.
  • Develop specifications for alternate sites and offsite storage.
  • Assist with the site selection and request for proopsal, if required.
  • Identify alternative processing procedure for continuity of critical business functions whilst recovery is in progress.
  • Identify and formalize backup for business and IT processes needed to survive a disaster.
  • Consolidate strategy and present a list of strategic plans for recovering prioritised business functions to executive management.