Plan Development

GMHBCM_Planning_Methodology_PD consultants will guide you to put together a choreographed sequence of actions that counteracts or mitigate the effects of the threats or risks identified in the Risk Analysis and Review phase, in relation to the critical business function in the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) phase; and Recovery Strategy phase based on the approved set of recovery strategies or options.

  • Create a document or set of documents which to catalog the procedures to re-establish critical business functions.
  • Provide user-friendly plan templates.
  • Ensure that the plan is easy to navigate.
  • Ensure the plan is precise and concise; so that it is easily understood by all relevant staff.
  • Document recovery team structure, staffing of the recovery teams with includes names of specific staff members.
  • Develop and implement processes to integrate incident response and BC plan activation.
  • Establish procedures to coordinate with public authorities and external agencies during a disaster.
  • Plan and coordinate the management of media during a crisis situation.
  • Design and implement the business continuity plan, and other related plans – like the disaster recovery plan, crisis management plan. crisis communications plan and so on.