Project Management

BCM_Institute_Planning_Methodology_Project_ManagementProject Management is one of the most important factors that will determine the degree of success of an organization’s BCP implementation. For organizations implementing BCP for the first time, this poses an even greater challenge. Standard project management skills, knowledge and experience of the project team members is a desirable attribute. However, the main challenge is usually the need for a proven and effective BC planning methodology to be adopted. The BCP project can better succeed when all project team members and subject matter experts involved in the project diligently follow this methodology; with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as the tasks and the due dates for them.Therefore, it is essential for the organization to develop a BCP project implementation and charter; which shall consist of the following:

  • Project scope, framework and methodology
  • BCM organization with clearly defined team member roles and responsibilities
  • Project schedule and milestones
  • Objectives, tasks and expected outcomes for each phase