Telecommunications Case Study

Leading Telecommunications Service Provider

This customer is one of Singapore’s leading telecommunications service provider for mobile communications and international call services. It provides customers with coverage and roaming services in more than 200 countries or territories. It was the first an island-wide wireless broadband service in December 2006.


This customer required to develop and implement a BC plan that would enable critical business functions to continue to service key customers during a disaster or major incident.

GMH’s Services and Approach

One of the first tasks was to develop the BCM framework and guidelines for the BCP project team. This required the management to define which groups of customers will continue to receive support and customer services. Another key challenge was to identify major single-point-of-failure for the major technology components and infrastructure as part of the risk analysis stage.  A key BC strategy the GMH consultants recommended was for the customer to establish another operation center to enhance network operations resiliency; which will work together with the existing operations center.  With the help of the GMH consultants, the customer successfully identify the critical business functions and recovery requirements; leading them to implement viable BC plans that were subsequently exercised and maintained.


Implementing BCP for an major technology-based company need to necessarily be always dependent on high-tech solutions. Some of the strategies would require relevant policies and manual interim processes to be executed by the corporate services support divisions during a disaster. Briefly, the BC plan and procedures had to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of incidents.