Government Agency Case Study

Key Government Agency

This customer is a key government agency tasked to spearhead Singapore’s economic growth and future. Its primary objectives are to attract foreign investments, expand and extend the industries, and help to sustain a pro-business environment.


In 2006, this government agency wanted to implement BCM and reinforce its DRP.  The scope required BC plans to be developed for its HQ (located in the central business district), local subsidiary offices and its international overseas offices. The scope for testing was limited to the local HQ. But the necessary knowledge and skills to empower the project team members to conduct their own tests for the subsidiaries and overseas, had to be transferred to them.

GMH’s Services and Solution

GMH’s approach was first to conduct the BCM fundamentals training to ensure that the management and project team members have the same common understanding of the scope, definitions and objectives BCM, as well as the BC planning process, and their roles and responsibilities. Identifying the threats and risks for the various locations was more difficult. The relevant project team members had to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct the risk analysis, with remote support from the GMH team in Singapore. This approach was repeated for each major stage of the BC planning process. The local offices were supported by the GMH team with interviews and face-to-face meetings conducted to complete the information gathering. GMH deployed additional consultants to help the various teams complete the development of the BC strategies. Finally, BC plans were developed for each major site for this agency.


The development and implementation of the BCM frameworka, program and plan for this customer was more complex; as it included overseas offices; this was despite the constraint that the customer required the GMH team to facilitate the BC plan development for the overseas without physically going on-site. The experience and professionalism of our consultants enabled all the key project requirements and constraints to be adhered to, and lead the customer to a successful BCM implementation.