Manufacturing/Service Case Study

Marine Electronics and Office Automation Supplier


This customer started as a sole proprietor in 1976 to supply and service marine electronics equipment. It was then incorporated as a private limited company in 1978. Now it is now a holding company with dealings in properties, marine electronics and office automation. Its philosophy is to innovate, provide leadership and deliver good customer service; with the commitment to maintain social responsibility, human dignity, honesty and integrity.


In 2005, the Director and founder of the group, desired to leverage on BCM and the TR19 certification; to enable the organization to become more resilient and benchmark against established international BCM good practices. Being an SME with a workforce of less than 250 staff, the Director stipulated that the BCM program and plan implemented must be sufficiently comprehensive; yet, without causing business costs to increase significantly. Another key constraint was that the project resources and time should be restricted to minimum appropriate levels.

GMH’s Services and Approach

In view of the key project constraints and objectives, GMH deployed a very experienced team with a combined total of about 30 years BC-DR experience. Our consultants conducted the BCM fundamentals training and followed this up with a series of facilitated workshops; which were also complemented with interviews with key stakeholders, department heads and subject matter experts. This enabled the GMH team to identify the threats and risks, and determine the critical busines functions together with the minimum business continuity objectives. This led our consultant to guide the BCP project team to develop the BC strategies and subsequently, detailed recovery procedures. To ascertain the BC plan is effective, GMH conducted an exercise to validate the BC plan against the objectives and strategies.


GMH’s BCM framework and planning process is rigourous, flexible and adaptable to meet different customer’s specific BCM requirements and objectives. Through our framework and approach, this customer implemented a cost-effective BCM solution and program. This enable to the customer to enhance organizational process resiliency. Most importantly, the BCM program and plan implemented is scalable and will ensure that the customer can progressively upgrade its requirements as the organization expands.