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Business Impact Analysis

In our experience in assisting clients to implement their BC and DR plans, the Business Impact Analysis phase is often the most challenging phase to implement. Here, GMH will assist clients to analyse potential business impact associated with the catalog of threats; so as to define priorities for the recovery and resumption of critical business […]

Business Continuity Strategy

Every customer after having identified the key threats, risks, critical business functions, recovery time scales and related objectives, need to implement effective BC strategies to overcome the issues and meet the minimum business continuity objectives established by the business. By leveraging on GMH’s consultants, our customers will: Identify recovery strategy solutions and requirements. Determine business […]

Plan Development

GMH consultants will guide you to put together a choreographed sequence of actions that counteracts or mitigate the effects of the threats or risks identified in the Risk Analysis and Review phase, in relation to the critical business function in the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) phase; and Recovery Strategy phase based on the approved set of […]

Testing and Exercising

GMH’s consultants are often engaged by client organizations to assist with the planning and conduct of tests and exercises; which are designed to increase BCM capabilities and competencies amongst staff and management. The scenarios developed will be consistent with the client’s BC plan and identified potential threats. The simulated scenarios and incidents will be practical […]

BCM Program Management

GMH will assist clients to develop the organization-wide BCM program management framework and policies. This will include the development of the following: Awareness and Training Programs For any organization, staff need to be aware of overall BCM framework, the key purposes of the BCM activities and the BC plan and related procedures, and the general […]

BCM Implementation for Organizations using the Singapore Standard SS540:2008

Business Continuity aims to safeguard the interests of an organization and its key stakeholders by protecting its critical business functions against predetermined disruptions. “ … the Government views corporate resilience as a national priority. An inter-agency task force was formed to formulate implementation strategies to enhance our corporate resilience through adopting the processes of Business […]