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Risk Assessment or Business Impact Analysis: What Comes First?

What Comes First? RA or BIA Over the past few years, I have been asked this question and also noticed the many discussions among professionals on the topic of whether one should, when going through the BCM planning methodology, conduct Risk Assessment (RA) or Business Impact Analysis (BIA) first. Often, these discussions are long and […]

9G Elevator Continuity Case Study (Elevator & Escalator Industry)

9G Elevator & Escalator Business Continuity Management Case Study 9G Elevator Pte Ltd is a thriving elevator and escalator maintenance company that provides elevator and escalator services to building owners and managing agents. 9G operates in Singapore, providing their services to a wide-range of client’s, from town councils – Aljunied and Ang Mo Kio – […]

DTS Marketing Case Study (Specialized Industry)

DTS Marketing Business Continuity Management Case Study DTS Marketing Pte Ltd is a leading company that provides Information Technology solutions and services to the banking financial sector and the hospitality and retail sector. Headquartered in Singapore, DTS operates worldwide with subsidiaries and satellite offices in Malaysia, Cambodia and China. With expanding global operations, a resilient […]

Pandemic Flu Business Continuity Planning for Organizations

“Many organizations read about the possible pandemic flu, but cannot completely digest the issues and preparations needed to sustain its mission critical operations and services.” Abstract This paper discusses about the pertinent aspects of pandemic flu business continuity (BC) planning. In the last two years, there is an increase in organizations preparing themselves for the […]

Business Continuity Strategies for Manufacturing Companies

1. Introduction The considerations for Business Continuity Strategies occur in the fourth stage of the seven stage BCM planning process. Generally, there are three strategic areas for organisations to consider when developing a BC strategy: mitigation, recovery and its translation into the appropriate crisis response. For manufacturing companies, recovering plant operations is an important consideration […]

Planning basics for a crisis management simulation

How prepared are your people and teams for the pressure of a crisis? Have we checked the effectiveness of our crisis management plan? Are our staff familiar with it? Have the procedures changed recently? Is it still current or is it sitting on a shelf? I strongly believe that these are some of the questions […]

Building Resiliency in the Supply Chain

In today’s globalized world, multinational corporations expand beyond their local scale to reap economies of scale and are becoming more dependent on emerging economies. As supply chains become more extensive and complex, the management of key suppliers is crucial in ensuring business continuity during a disruption along the supply chain. In the case of Thailand […]

Learning Roadmap to Sustain and Upgrade Your Organisational Business Continuity Management Competencies

In today’s workforce, employee engagement, and opportunities for learning and career growth are key determinants of an organisation’s ability to retain staff. A new generation of workers now expect training to be relevant and tailored towards their job needs leading to ever faster career growth; a one size fits all training model simply will not […]